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There are two ways

to get what you want out of life and business…

The first way is to dominate. Crush your competition, let nothing stand in your way.

You’re the conquering hero, the star of the show. All eyes are watching for you to give your best performance.

It’s a lonely path to walk. You’re always looking over your shoulder – your competitors are waiting for you to stumble. There are always people around you, but no one you can really trust or ask for help.


The second way is to care. To listen, learn and create things folks can’t wait to buy.

Your focus is on other people. You understand your customers and make the things they really need.

Your business is on fire – because success comes from getting close to your audience.

You have a life full of purpose and meaning, and you’re surrounded by people who appreciate you and all you do.

We make tools for the second way.

For those who want reliable business growth.

For those who want to focus on work that matters.

For those who want to put those they serve first, building a business that creates super fans.

We call them Narrators: people who build their successes by creating products and services that solve real problems. Who get into their audience’s head and resonate so deeply that people always feel seen and heard – deeply connected with what you do and how you’re uniquely qualified to help them.

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Narrative Workshop

Narrative Workshop

Our signature workshop, featured by HuffPost, walks you through a precise 3-step framework. In two short sessions, you’ll discover exactly how to express the value of your offer in a way that engages and excites your customers.

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